Virtual Assistant

One of the most important features of Practice Manager 24/7 is our Virtual Assistant module. This is something that no other practice management software application has and is a key ingredient to making your practice more professional and easier to run. We provide you with a local land line telephone number that is transportable and allows  you to always maintain your personal privacy. Do you really want to be giving out your mobile number to all of your patients?

Here is how it works:

  • We assign you with a new professional number (which you can use as your new practice telephone number or you can divert your current phone number to it)
  • Your clients ring this telephone number where they receive a professional greeting from your virtual assistant
  • Virtual assistant will then divert the call to your mobile or any other phone you choose
  • You will be able to see on your mobile that the incoming call is a business call and choose whether or not you can answer in an appropriate manner and/or environment
  • If you do not answer the call, your virtual assistant will take a message for you
  • You will then be alerted in the system that there is a new message for you to be reviewed
  • The system will even recognise the name and/or number of the caller even if they do not leave a message
  • Virtual Assistant will keep a record of all your most recent messages and also your call history

If you have ever moved offices or clinics, you will understand the amount of time, effort and money that is wasted on this process. Think about how long it takes to get a new number set up, to change marketing materials, and contact all patients, suppliers and other service providers to update changes.

For those of you who run a mobile business, you are now able to operate like the big professional practice you will become.

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