Referral Network

Getting new business can be challenging and one of the ways Practice Manger helps you is through its Referral feature. This feature connects you with a network of practitioners looking to refer their clients to specialists.

That is why we have built not only the best software application for you, but also the practitioner referral network so you can more easily develop a strong network of like minded professional practitioners that, together, will be able to provide the highest quality care for your clients or patients.

Although rewarding, being in business as a health practitioner can sometimes be lonely. By developing a strong referral database, you are able to receive advice, support and possibly mentoring from more experienced practitioners.

Traditionally, developing a strong referral network took lots of time, effort and even money. Using our “in built” practitioner referral network makes this process much easier and cost effective. Our program also allows you to track your referrals, send client data between practitioners and even video conference between practitioners.

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