Email & SMS Reminders

Fully automated booking confirmations and appointment reminders for your patients are included. There are no hidden costs! All you need to do is book the patient and Practice Manager 24/7 does all the rest for you! Every patient can recieve a booking confirmation at the time the booking is made, as well as an appointment reminder 24 hours prior to the appointment. The automated messages are sent as either an email and/or SMS, the choice is yours!

Practice Manger 24/7 will put a stop to you losing money and hair due to “no shows” or patient excuses for not turning up. Think about how much time and effort you use up every day calling your patients and not getting through to them? Worse still, do you sometimes “forget” to do this, or do it “when you can”? With Practice Manager 24/7, those days are over! Ever tried to do this for a group booking? No probs with Practice Manager 24/7!

Our automated confirmations and reminders also make it easier for you to implement and police your no show or cancellation policies and procedures. With Practice Mangaer 24/7 working for you, your patient’s cannot say, “you didn’t let me know” or “why didn’t you remind me” or “Ah…I lost your card with the appointment details on it” any more.

Practice Manger 24/7. Online practice management software. It's Your Practice, Made Perfect!