Whether you have a few individual clients or many groups of them, Practice Manager makes it easy to manage your customer database, keep patient notes and quickly see who has and has not paid their bills.


This is where you see your list of clients where you can add new ones or modify existing client details. Our system allows you to drill down into detailed information on a client. You get information such as:

Transactions – All line item history and detailed sales, bookings, refunds, etc. related to this client

Profile – This gives you a summary overview of client transaction history including breakdowns of revenue earned by products and services, total revenue, no shows, and money outstanding

Treatment Notes – This section lists all appointments with clients and lets you record date specific treatment and prescription notes associated with each appointment


Our GROUP feature let’s you see your full list of groups where you can either add, edit or find the groups you have created. It is now simple to book a whole group, no matter how large it is, into an appointment time slot. Our system will send as many confirmations and reminders as you need to every individual in a group in one go. Adding a new group is as simple as typing in the name of the new group then picking clients on your individuals database.

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